multiBALL Outdoor version at BMW Open by FWU 2019

The multiBALL system, which was launched three months ago, has finally got a long-awaited outdoor version as part of the BMW Open by FWU 2019.

FUN WITH BALLS introduces the world’s first interactive tennis wall as a fun and training tool in tennis at BMW Open by FWU 2019. The 4.5 by 3 meter wall made of glass, LED and sensors is being presented to all visitors to try it out. From small children hunting huge fishes to professional players warming-up with training applications, the system offers more than 26 applications for everyone and for any ball sport, from tennis as well as for soccer and many more.

FWB founder, Markos Aristides Kern comments: “We all know that nowadays it is getting harder and harder to motivate us and our children to participate in active sports. Falling numbers in all classic sports show a very clear trend. We have made it our goal to use our system to make sports more attractive for active and beginners alike. We have already upgraded numerous squash courts and other sports facilities worldwide and are very pleased that some of them are used for more than 10 hours per day. Everyone sees the rapid increase in eSports, but we think there is more to it if you add the athletic part now to create completely new experiences. “

Watch this video to get a feeling of what our #multiBALLoutdoor is activating people during the event.

The success at the event seems to prove the young Startup is right. So far, there are hardly any minutes without a cluster of adults or children standing on the “computer game wall”. The principle is simple: colourful animations, fast reactions and a timer that also spurs you on. The whole thing being accessible not by the click of a mouse, but with real tennis rackets, tennis and football or other balls.

The consent is unanimous.

Ralf Exel, moderator of the event, said: “This multiBALL as a training tool is absolutely amazing for the younger generation. It connects the sport with a challenge and, as you can see, everybody has crazy amounts of fun. This is modern sports fun!”

Also Tilo Busch, Head of event Organisation, expressed his satisfaction for the overall positive output of our multiBALL interactive tennis wall:
“We decided to set up this interactive installation in the very last minute, and so we’re very happy about the positive reception at the event. multiBALL has proved to be a great tool for events, and I was very surprised to also see the older generation actively participating, with so many people playing to show off some of their skills.”


About the Startup:
FUN WITH BALLS was founded less than three years ago by the Munich-based creative entrepreneur Markos Aristides Kern and now consists of an international team of 18 employees from 12 nations. The goal of the Startup is to combine sports with gaming to make our ever-digital society more active with fun and games. The startup has already received several international accolades in the areas of sports and startup, such as the Spobis Award, the ISPO Branden, the Global Innovation in the Tennis Award and the Future Innovation in the Sports Tech World Challenge, and much more.
The company has its headquarters not far from the Iphitos Arena, in the middle of the English Garden. Over the years, Kern has built up the innovation hub “25KV” in an old transformer station.

About the founder:
Markos Kern started his first company “Visual Drugstore” at the age of 20, with which he attracted international attention through media art projects in Antarctica and the Sahara, as well as club designs in China. He has also staged the Alte Pinakothek twice. Until a few years ago he was also responsible for the media and interior design of the P1. In 2014 he also opened the first surf school in North Korea, which still brings tourists into the country to surf with the locals.

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multiBALL Team