MultiBall Game revolution

This is the biggest game launch project in the history of our MultiBall platform: We added 12 new and exciting games to create an unparalleled physical gaming experience for our customers. 

In total, our interactive training system now features a variety of 32 games designed to attract new and existing customers, boost playtime and frequency, and improve customer retention.

The global MultiBall community is continuously growing and so is our entitlement to provide immersive exergaming solutions that will keep your user engaged in the long run and help our MultiBall partners to generate sustainable revenue streams.

We are always striving to improve the MultiBall interactive sports and gaming experience to get people around the globe active while having fun. That’s why we are particularly proud to announce our interactive game revolution with 12 new titles focusing on features such as: 

– family entertainment
– cognitive skill development
– precision training in ball sports
– fitness workouts 
– body balance and coordination
– multiplayer mode 

LIMBIC ACTIVE – The Future Home Fitness

Over the past four years, the Munich-based hardware/SAAS startup has already equipped sports venues, retail stores and educational facilities worldwide with MultiBall and interactiveSquash. Now, after months of R&D and the development of its own motion tracking sensors, the company wants to expand its business field to include home fitness with our LIMBIC ACTIVE