Junior Online Marketing Manager

Servus, my name is Dennis and I am working in the Marketing Department at Fun with Balls. 

You like puzzles, you are creative, you like to work analytically and date-driven? Well, Then let’s build a marketing rocket together. Our vehicle will initially hiss, rattle and stutter. Over time, however, we will tighten the loose screws, replace gears and oil the machine so that we can send the right message to the right people at the right time and make our lead generation machine grow.

Our mission

We are FUN WITH BALLS and we make sports as fun as computer gaming. We use technology and gamification to bring sports to their future form and enable them to compete with other activities of today. 

We focus on an innovative approach to activity, highly reliable tech made to last, and building a strong community of operators, federations, brands and players. We can only dream of what the future holds for humanity, but we can take the right steps today to ensure that sports stay relevant for our society. 

Your contribution to our mission

We’re a dynamic start-up in a fast-paced society. We don’t expect comprehensive motivation letters and long application texts.

Pitch your personality in five sentences:

  • Show us why you want to be part of our mission
  • What attracts you to join tour team
  • What’s your contribution to our mission
  • Well, and we need your CV

We are looking for

Someone who wakes up every morning and brings a new flash of inspiration into the office.

A lateral thinker with courage and zest for action: thinking outside the box, definitely also at other tables. There is no idea that is not crazy enough to test.

A sparring partner to argue and discuss ideas. Constructive criticism is welcome, you will always find open ears, your suggestions will get attention – argue SMART and we will implement them.

Nobody who brings our marketing manager coffee, but always has his back and sometimes takes on the lousy tasks.

Your tasks 

You create content for our social media channels, websites and newsletter.

You create customer journeys and optimize the single Touch Points.

You will define KPIs with us and help us to exceed them.

You will plan and implement ad campaigns.

Your perspective and future job

We encourage and challenge you with the aim that you delegate your tasks to social media and performance marketing managers in the medium term.

Yeah right. Your entry with us is the beginning of your ascent. We make it possible for you to jump out of the nest and learn to fly as quickly as possible. If you crash, we’ll be there and start over – you just have to bring the will, enthusiasm and drive with you.

Perks working with us

Best Office in Town

The 25KV Creative Hub is located in the middle of the English Garden, with fireplace, terraces, fitness area, 5 min walk to the Isar and home to 4 raccoons.

Sports Activities

We offer a lot of opportunities for a fun workout to stay fit and relax: SUP, Isar swimming, fitness area, table tennis, biking or running and MultiBall Games.

International Team

Become part of a super international team. Learn about other cultures and traditions while enjoying our weekly culinary dinner nights.

Flexible Working Hours

We work hard, but understand that people are most productive when they can manage their own schedules.

What to expect from us

Personal Growth

Intellectual curiosity and continuous learning are highly valued at Fun With Balls to improve your personal development, success and well being.

Transparency & Communication

Transparency keeps everyone informed, builds trust, and helps us all make smart, data-driven decisions. In weekly meetings we share highlights, lowlights and recent challenges.

Long Term Focus

Since we are a dynamic start-up in a fast-paced society, we work on quick solutions and implementations without losing sight of the future.

Ownership & Responsibility

Team and company success is based on the single results of our team members. We engage our employees to take the initiative to bring positive results.

25KV Creative Hub

An unconventional Design Space in the middle of Munich´s English Garden.

The coworking hub is our headquarters and is home to several startups and companies in the fields of design, innovation, sports and art.

Your Team

We work together as a team, learn from each other, and have fun.


Want to join our TEAM?

Located in beautiful Munich, Germany, Fun With Balls GmbH is fusing sports with technology to create the best and most enjoyable fitness products out there. Our first project is interactiveSQUASH, a digital upgrade for any existing squash court that transforms the front wall into a giant liveable projection. With over 25 games and training modules, the system is giving some much needed hype to the traditional sport. For more info, visit interactivesquash.com!

Our second product, MulitBall, is an innovative technology that transforms any wall in an interactive playground, and could involve any kind of sport with a ball, in particular Tennis, Soccer, Baseball etc.. It combines fitness, entertainment and education features to transform Schools, Hotels, Leisure Centers, Sport Clubs, Malls and other environments in places for a healthy and active life-style. For more info, visit multi-ball.com!