FWB wins the 2019 F.I.S.T. Edition in Toronto

FWB has been crowned as the Champion of the 2019 F.I.S.T. Startup Pitching Competition

Toronto, April 2019 – The F.I.S.T. Startup Pitching Competition has been created by the amazing team at the Future Innovation SportsTech Global Series (F.I.S.T.) and KPMG to acknowledge and reward the exceptional performance of the world’s best SportsTech and Esports innovators.

The award recognises and honours our commitment to bring innovation in sports by merging technology and gamification, and allows us to confirm Fun With Balls GmbH as one of the most forward-looking companies in the industry, striving for succeeding in its mission to make more people more active by merging gaming with sports. Our interactive experiences (multiBALL and interactiveSQUASH) are a unique way to motivate everyone, in particular the youngsters, to get more active and to make sports their lifestyle in the digital age.

Markos Kern, founder of FWB, discusses his pride in this win: “Having a visionary idea and bringing it to success on the real market can be a tough challenge. This win is the demonstration that I was right taking up it, and that our dedication, expertise and hard work as a team makes us to deserve this prestigious award and the high responsibility of leading the SportsTech movement forward for the sake of Society and of the future generation.”

Sam Barton from F.I.S.T. commented: “The calibre and quality of applicants for the Toronto conference, particularly the 10 finalists that made it through to the penultimate pitching rounds, was exceptional. Fun With Balls GmbH pitched a unique, engaging and ultimately fun way for squash players to maximise their enjoyment for their sport and the expert panel were impressed by the traction to date and growth opportunity.  Congratulations to the FWB team for winning in a tough final and team F.I.S.T. wish you the greatest success for the future”.

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