FWB raises its first institutional money led by HYPE Capital Fund

Sportstech and Sports Gamification company FUN WITH BALLS raises its first institutional money led by HYPE Capital Fund and keeps growing its international team.

Munich, 28 May 2019 – Markos Aristides Kern, Founder and CEO of FUN WITH BALLS GmbH, said: “How can physical sports compete with gaming for kids or make adults keep up sports in their busy schedules? The answer is: by combining technology and gaming with real sports for a new dimension of active fun.”
Munich based startup FUN WITH BALLS merges sports with gaming and has recently gained larger momentum in the international sports scene after winning multiple awards and competitions. After having launched our first product in Squash, interactiveSQUASH, our latest product multiBALL focuses on a much larger market from schools to gyms to all sorts of sports academies.

Ramping up momentum and sales in multiple markets, the team now consists of 19 employees from 15 countries. Founder Markos Kern: “We decided from a very early point that we will focus on international markets. A diverse team with diverse experiences is a key element to this. With this recent investment, we plan to grow it for more traction and a clear focus on the US and Middle eastern markets.

“FUN WITH BALLS will always challenge the status quo of traditional sports. There are ample ways of making those sports far more fun and engaging – we have just started, and our vision is to create entire new sports types – combining gaming aspects with real activity plus fan engagement possibly in completely new formats. The future of sports just started!”

Alfred Dietel, Investor Relations and Board Member of FUN WITH BALLS, commented: “This day marks a turning point for FUN WITH BALLS, coming out of seed stage into a venture capital environment. HYPE is the first institutional investor and we’re planning to close this interim round shortly with further interested parties. Markos and his team did a great job so far to bringing initial products to market, now we are all up for scaling the business, thus watch the space!”

Amir Raveh, General Partner of HYPE Capital Fund, said: “HYPE is always looking towards the next generation of sports startups and disruptive technologies. We have witnessed the concept of FUN WITH BALLS become more mature and see huge potential in gamification of real sports. Having seen the great work and momentum this team has built first hand, we believe that it has the potential to be of the next unicorns of sports innovation.”

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About HYPE Capital Fund

HYPE Sports Innovation, the world’s largest sports innovation platform, has launched a $75-million capital fund. HYPE Capital Fund leverages from the already generated deal flow thanks to their fourteen-fold global accelerator network which hosts more than 40,000 members (including major sports brands, clubs, federations, and academia), and over 10,000 sports startups; focusing on eSports, AI, fan engagement monetization, VR and performance analytics. HYPE’s business backbone has helped them recruit hundreds of industry leaders and experts to their accelerator network, including UEFA and NFL members, as well as strong partnerships with giants such as ASICS, Spalding, Adidas, and Microsoft.


Munich-based FUN WITH BALLS GmbH is merging sports and gaming to become the market leader for a new industry. With our first product, interactiveSQUASH, we’ve already taken the sport by storm by offering a new business model and new revenue streams to club managers and having players active and engaged like never before, with more than 25.000 hours played on our interactive courts so far. Our second product multiBALL, is an innovative technology that transforms any wall in a fully immersive interactive sports experience, and it provides a fun solution to tackle with the inactivity problem of our digital society in the most creative and effective way.