Fun With Balls wins SPOBIS 2019 Startup competition

Fun With Balls has been recognized as the most innovative Startup in the Sport Business world at SPOBIS 2019

Our experience at SPOBIS 2019 couldn’t have been more successful! Fun With Balls GmbH has won the Startup competitions as one of the most innovative Startups in the Sports world. Watch our Founder Markos Kern’s elevator pitch and join the revolution!

SPONSORs has brought 10 among the most innovative Startups in the Sports world to the SPOBIS stage this year! Young entrepreneurs have introduced their ideas and tools to a jury of Sport Startups experts.

Having just a few minutes to make their elevator pitch – and at the same time to present and explain these to experienced sports business experts, which one has successfully passed the practical test?

Fun With Balls of course!

Watch the video of Markos’ Elevator pitch

Our CEO has unanimously convinced the jury with his outstanding Elevator Pitch

Our Founder and CEO Markos Kern has presented at his very best the innovative concepts behind Fun With Balls GmbH’s products on the market, interactiveSQUASHand multiBALL, and has showcase in his unique engaging and empathetic public speaking style how we’re creating real sport/gaming hybrids to establish a completely new generation of sports.

At Fun With Balls we are making society more active by merging real sports with tech and gamification. We are leading the #Sportification revolution globally to allow more people to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle in a more fun and addictive way.

Sports merged with tech has the potential to be a massively trending topic in the coming years, yielding also large potential for any company or brand that is active in this field, at the same time offering to people experiences that make a difference in their lives.

Markos’ pitch had a great impact and it still keeps having people talking about it, with a great media echo. Also his contents over Linkedin and his other channels, as well as Fun With Balls’ ones, are leaving a strong mark. Everybody from all around the world basically wants to share their appreciation and to send congratulations, many just took a flight to come to visit us in person at ISPO Munich, where we were with multiBALL as FINALISTS of Brandnew Award 2019 in Fitness (that we won in 2017, beside winning the general ISPO Award in 2018 with interactiveSQUASH). This is just incredible, and demonstrates what engaging and talented speaker he is, a very professional and meaningful “showman” capable of conquering the stage. Take a look at Markos’ Premium Speakers profile.

This is only the beginning! Stay tuned 🙂

Have fun!
Fun With Balls Team