Fun With Balls continues to grow

On the mission to change the perception of how people look at sports FWB welcomes a new team member

Munich, November 2019 – At the beginning of November Änna West joined the event department at FWB.

With almost four years experience in marketing and brand management working for The Esports Company on projects such as the FIFA eWorld Cup and the TAG Heuer Virtual Bundesliga, she will enrich our company with insights and knowledge in the esports and gamification sector.

In the past months Fun With Balls has presented MultiBall at numerous events from Los Angeles to Budapest, from Miami to Rotterdam. Nearly two events a week were on the schedule and many more could have been added, but unfortunately not all invitations could be accepted.

In order to engage more people to get physically active and to introduce and establish the possibilities of MultiBall in the field of soccer we are happy to welcome Änna Well on board.

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Have Fun!
Fun With Balls Team