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Welcome to Fun With Balls.

We are on a mission to make the world more active using the power of gamification.

In a time, where technology fosters an inactive lifestyle, we realized that physical activity needs to be more attractive to stay relevant.

Our mixed reality sports solutions enable athletes to train in more engaging ways, provide coaches with data analytics, help kids to improve their motor skills and make it easier and fun for all of us to start working out and stick with our training routine.

But apart from making sports as fun as gaming, we’re especially proud of getting inactive people moving – the kids and adults that never considered taking up a sport.

So, feel free to call it physical gaming, sportstech, mixed reality sports, exergaming or e-sports for the real world.

The Fun With Balls brands interactiveSQUASH, interactiveRACQUETBALL, MultiBall and LYMB.iO are known for their reliability, accuracy and force of attractive engagement.

Made in Germany:

Fun With Balls GmbH is a medium-sized manufacturer of interactive sports systems for sports

facilities, leisure centers, hospitality, retail, education, events and social development.

Incorporated in 2016

20 employees and counting

300 sqm of production and warehouse space

Satisfied clients in over 30 countries

We Are Hiring!

If changing the world through the power of sports technology is something that puts a big smile on your face and want to join us, you’re in the right place!

We are merging
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Technology


interactiveSQUASH is a completely new way to play a classic racket sport. Immersive projection technology combined with exciting gameplay transforms squash into an unparalleled sports experience.



One of the driving forced behind interactiveRACQUETBALL is to introduce the sport to a whole new generation. With this in mind, we have developed a series of games specifically meant to engage kids of all ages.



MultiBall is our sports gamification tool that transforms any wall into a fun interactive sports area by combining fitness, entertainment and education. Easy to install in any space to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

LYMB.iO 7@4x


LYMB.iO is the first home fitness solution that keeps you active while you’re focusing on fun. It turns any wall with a projector into your favorite ball game, workout area and with lots of entertaining games to develop physical and cognitive skills.

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We are looking for MultiBall Distributors

We are actively looking for distribution partners,
willing to disrupt the sports, leisure and retail world by introducing our tech into markets in dire need of innovation.

Calling all vendors experienced and aspiring to accompany us on the journey of spreading MultiBall to all corners of the globe. We are already in 30 countries and counting.

Fill out our distributor questionnaire and join us today!