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Munich-based FUN WITH BALLS GmbH is merging sports and gaming to become the market leader for a new industry.

With our first product, interactiveSQUASH we’ve already taken the sport by storm by offering a new business model and new revenue streams to club managers and having players active and engaged like never before, with more than 55.000 hours played on our interactive courts so far. Our second product now available worldwide, MultiBall, is an innovative technology that transforms any wall in a fully immersive interactive sports experience, and it provides a fun solution to tackle with the inactivity problem of our digital society in the most creative and effective way.

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If changing the world through the power of sports technology is something that puts a big smile on your face and want to join us, you’re in the right place!

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Our Products



interactiveSQUASH is a completely new way to play a classic racket sport. Immersive projection technology combined with exciting gameplay transforms squash into an unparalleled sports experience.



One of the driving forced behind interactiveRACQUETBALL is to introduce the sport to a whole new generation. With this in mind, we have developed a series of games specifically meant to engage kids of all ages.



MultiBall is our latest sports gamification tool that transforms any wall in a fun interactive sports experience by combining fitness, entertainment and education. It could be easily installed in any space to promote an healthy and active lifestyle.

What's Next!

Building on the growing success of interactiveSQUASH, Fun With Balls GmbH has recently launched MultiBall and is now working on a series of new products for additional sports. Leveraging an established and extensive sports network and collaborating with Federations, Governments and Education bodies to bring innovation in the sports business, we are moving at light speed to accelerate the sales/adoption process of our solutions. Many other sports like tennis, soccer, handball, basketball etc. are in the pipeline and will be joining soon the revolution the next future.

We are looking for MultiBall Distributors

We are actively looking for distribution partners in the U.S. 🇺🇸
willing to disrupt the sports, leisure and retail world by introducing our tech into markets in dire need of innovation.

Calling all vendors experienced and aspiring to accompany us on the journey of spreading MultiBall to all corners of the globe. We are already in 30 countries and counting.

Fill out our distributor questionnaire and join us today!



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Located in beautiful Munich, Germany, Fun With Balls GmbH is fusing sports with technology to create the best and most enjoyable fitness products out there. If this sounds like your dream job, please reach out to us! We are expanding and always looking for professionals in different fields to join our creative team.